Online Applicant Guide

This guide describes how to apply for jobs at Lake Tahoe Community College.  The process consists of the following steps:

  • Create An Account

Follow these steps to Sign In:

  1. Point your web browser to
    1. If you already created a user account, log in using your username and password then click .
    2. Otherwise, click ‘Create an Account,’ then enter your personal demographics.
  • Forgot Password?

Follow these steps

  1. If you created an account before but forgot your username, click ‘Forgot Password?.
    1. Provide either the username or email associated with your account/user.
    2. Click 
    4. If a match is found in the system, you will get a confirmation message to Send Login Information to the email on file, click ‘Ok’.
    6. Once you have received your username and encrypted password, go back to to log in.


  • Edit your Profile or Change your Password

Follow these steps

  1. Logged into your Candidate Profile, click on ‘Edit Profile’.
  2. Edit personal demographics or create new password
  3. Click
  • Apply for a Job

Follow these steps

  1. Within the Job Details page, click on 
    1. Login to the system to start the application form
    2. Create an account if you do not have an existing user/profile
  2. Within the Candidate Profile (must be logged in), scroll down to ‘Forms to Complete’ section
  3. Locate the Job Title, click ‘Start’ under the Action column next to the first form


  • Completing an Online Form

Follow these steps

Each online form will display the number or steps (pages) required.

Complete each step by filling out the fields. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required

A. If any required fields are missing, a validation message will appear at the top of the form

Clicking on the validation message will navigate you to the missing response

Multi-Record Examples

Relative, Education or Work Experience

If the record is not saved, the system will not allow you to proceed

Record ‘Saved,’ to continue click on 

Uploading Documents

Please upload documents by clicking "Add." Please DO NOT upload zip files.

Required documents are listed and once the required document has been uploaded, the required document list will update. Once all required documents are uploaded, you will receive a confirmation message.

If you wish to edit or delete an uploaded document, select the record 'Name', then select 'Delete'.

Upload any attachments, such as resume, cover letter, etc as required.

Click ‘Add’ and provide the necessary fields

File Upload

i. Browse your files to attach a document

ii. Drag and Drop files in the window

iii. If you have previously uploaded attachments, you can use the ‘My Documents’ button to access these files

Once required document(s) are uploaded you will see the below message:



  • Additional Help

For additional assistance please contact Human Resources at Lake Tahoe Community College, listed to the right.